UKGE & Covid-19 Update (2)

As many of you may have seen yesterday UK Games Expo 2020 was cancelled. The next show that we’ve been informed will be 4th-6th June 2021 so make sure to pencil this into your calendars! We’ll see you there!

We started out at UKGE and was pushing all of our cool stuff for it again this year, so Expo cancelling has left a rather large void in our plans. Of course, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we know the effects of this lockdown will be felt for a long time. Cons/Expos will feel very different for a short while we expect. We’re going to be extending our reach to hopefully be present at a few other shows towards the end of the year though so will update as more progresses there.


As many of you are aware we stopped production and went into lockdown with the rest of the UK several weeks ago. We’d like to assure everyone that their orders are perfectly safe – old and new. Nat20 isn’t going anywhere soon!

ETA’s have obviously been effected by all of this and it’s difficult to suggest anything right now. Once the merchants open their doors again we’ll be there and our customers will be updated. Gamer Series tables will commence production and begin delivery around 6 weeks after this.

If you have any queries about delivery times etc then please get in touch and email us at