The GAMER Series Table

Another release we were planning to reveal at UKGE this year is our new, modified build gaming table – The GAMER Series.

Created as a more affordable yet still of the high quality standards expected from Nat20, the GAMER Series is our stepping stone for those that either don’t need or can’t justify the cost of one of our fully custom built tables (now known as the EVENT Series).

Made completely out of Tulip hardwood (plus the hardwood ply flooring), this gives us a massive discount in material costs and build time. Also helping with this is locking the sizes down to 3 options – 5×3, 3×3 and 4×2 feet internal.

We’ve carried over the option to add LED lighting, as well as the printed gaming mats from the EVENT Series. The lid option is now either a 2 piece or single piece lid, built using slats of wood that are thinner but still plenty strong enough, joined to create a matching top for the table.

Finishing comes in 2 options – clear or walnut wax varnish. This wax gives a protective covering and leaves a smooth feel surface that has a nice sheen finish to it.

The attachments rail is also the same as with our EVENT Series builds, meaning all attachment options are also available here on the GAMER Series.

The best part – the table is available from £1049-£1199!

For more information be sure to check out the GAMER Series page or feel free to message us at