Solid wood, custom built board gaming table

Gorgeous, comfortable and functional Board Gaming Tables for table top gaming enthusiasts, taking your gaming life and dining experience to the next level.

Transform, and roll.....dice?!

When yours and your gaming crews schedules align, transforming your table area into a fully blown dice blazin' gaming station is nothing short of heavenly!

Board Gaming Tables that are stylish and fun in equal amounts...

Our tables offer long term option to board gaming enthusiasts that are looking to upgrade their game time.

Made out of hard wood, soft wood or a combination of both we can offer a solution for all budgets and requirements.

You can choose from a range of add-ons and features to make your perfect table including USB ports, LED lighting, cup and token holders. Together they create the perfect play space.

All of our tables include a cellar 3 inches deep - but this can be altered per request. With this space you're able to put your game on pause for meal time, place the table leaves back on to the table and enjoy your meal. Once done, remove the leaves and resume play!

When the leaves are removed, the edge of the table features a arm wide resting space that is comfortable for all lengths of games. This space can also be used as extra shelf space if required.

We're a UK business based in Nottinghamshire, and all of our tables are made here. Every table is hand built from the ground up so quality is assured.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the delivery time?

    Due to ongoing issues covid delivery times are expected to be AT LEAST 6-12 months but build times constantly flux from build to build. There's no set time to build each table, each is built by hand and so some are quicker than others, some builds with a twist in the specs can take longer. We always try to guesstimate a rough idea on timescales, but we now utilise an order queue page for customers to check in on to see where they're currently based instead of depending on rough eta's.

  • How much is delivery, and what will happen?

    Delivery will depend on location but the price will typically range from £100-£300. On the delivery we keep your informed as to when we'll be there so you're not waiting around. We will set up the table including lights to your home wifi ready for you to connect to your smartphone, along with a quick demo of the features if required. We'll check USB's etc are all working if applicable and then give you the lowdown on the table itself. We generally aim to be out of your way within the hour! If able we also welcome all customers to collect their table for free.

  • What if the sizes I want are different to the ones on your form?

    The form is more of a guidance for pricing so is simplified to do that job by sizing in half feet increments, up to 6ft. If you require a table built larger or to specific sizing/specifications then please contact us at contact@naturaltwentytables.co.uk to discuss further.

  • What is the full size of the table?

    EVENT Series:

    The top arm rest area of the table is approx 5 inches deep, which is from the internal wall to the outer arm rest. The leaves rest on top of the internal walls with about 15mm to perch, the remainder of the width is the arm rest. So if your table is a 5'x3' internal, the outer measurements would be approx 5'10"x3'10".

    Table height is approx 66cm from floor to top of the legs, and 80cm from floor to the top of the table. The table height can be adjusted at request otherwise this is the standard build.

    GAMER Series:

    The outer edge of the arm rest to inner wall of the table is approx 4 inches deep. The lids rest on top of the internal walls with about 15mm to perch, the remainder of the width is the arm rest. So if your table is a 5'x3' internal, the outer measurements would be approx 5'8"x3'8".

    Table height is approx 68.5cm from floor to top of the legs, and 77.5cm from floor to the top of the table. 

  • Is there storage for the tabletop leaves?

    Event Series:

    By request we currently offer storage benches or standing leaf boxes, prices are quoted as per requirements for the table spec. Generally the benches range from £600-£750, and the standing leaf boxes £250-£350. 

    We are currently working on a more budget friendly option which will be added to the website alongside these once we're happy with the design.

    Gamer Series:

    We currently offer an under table storage option for these tables. Due to the leg thickness being smaller we are able to install a set of rails that the lids will slide on to. This can be added in the calculator on the Gamer Series page.

Who are NaturalTwenty?

NaturalTwenty is a project formed from the love of an amazing hobby. Table top gaming. Whether in form of quick card game or an epic turn based battle of heroic miniatures - our gaming lives could be made so much easier by simple things, such being able to 'pause' the game and cover it up for later without packing away - among many other things!

Having run a small gaming cafe, higher level gaming tables were something we'd been looking at for a long while. However, between building your own 'make-do' at the cost of materials and time, up to the flashy, all bells-and-whistles style options available at the top end of the market - there was nothing. A void. And so our small team of gamers/designers/great coffee makers/joiners started to plan, and plan they did!

Having built our first 'prototype' for testing in the cafe with a large group of gamers and RPG players, the experience of our productwent down a storm. Some people wouldn't dare eat at the table because it looked so nice - yet others couldn't wait to fill it with their mass of gaming pieces...