The Gamer Table

The GAMER Series Table

When we first began NaturalTwenty Gaming Tables our main goal was to provide an affordable and high quality option in gaming tables. With the GAMER Series we feel that we're closer to accomplishing this. Get your game on at a more affordable cost!

Intended for games rooms and dedicated play spaces, the Gamer Series features:

  • 4 sizing options to help suit all play spaces.
  • Full Tulipwood construction, great for staining and finishing.
  • A lid system as opposed to singular leaves.
  • Inner card slot atop of the inner wall.
  • 360 degree Attachments rail.
  • The choice to have storage for the lids underneath the table.

The calculator below is a great tool that will give you a good idea for sizing and pricing up your table. You can go with the bare essentials or all out with all of the bells and whistles!

The prices below are more will always be confirmed in follow up emails.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss options for custom sizes and builds or just anything in general then please contact us at and we'll be happy to talk.

Size Guides

The GAMER Series is our slightly more budget friendly build. It's a streamlined version of the EVENT Series, using a tulipwood construction that includes thinner planks (20mm) meaning there are some size alternations in place.

The arm rests are 90mm deep. Inside of the arm rest is the top of the internal walls which also acts as a shelf for the tabletop lids to rest on when in dining table mode. Altogether the depth is just over 4 inches deep on each side.

The internal cellar depth is 50mm when the lids are on the table, plus 20mm for the arm rest depth when the leaves are off the table.

The legs are 27 inch tall and 70mm wide.

The tabletop lids length equals the cellar width plus 30mm to fit between the arm rest. The width of the lid depends on the size of the table. Small tables use 2 piece lids, whereas the larger tables have 3 lids.


The Same Quality Build

We've modified the design of our EVENT series tables, making the build time more streamlined and cost effective, yet retaining the quality build and strength our tables are known for.

Tulip Hardwood

One key component is switching our wood type to Tulip wood. Tulip wood is classed as a hardwood, has a similar cost to Pine, and is perfect for painting, but also looks great if treated with a stain.

Oiled Finishing

We finish the GAMER series tables using Osmo hardwax oil the same as the EVENT Series. If a stain is to be applied then we'll do that first, and then finish with multiple coats of oil. When cured we're left with a smooth finish. The finish is microporous and resistant to water, wine, etc, so spillages won't cause any damage as long as they're dealt with and not left for extensive amounts of time.

The great thing about using an oil instead of a lacquer is that any damage to the surface can be sanded and the oil reapplied easily yourself.

Fitted and Kitted

The GAMER series has some of the popular features carried over from the EVENT series tables.

LED lighting is fitted to provide several options in different circumstances. They can provide the perfect aid when playing in dimly lit areas, making reading your cards and character boards much more pleasant.

The lights can also be used for ambient effects. Whether you want an alarming red glare when heading into battle or a soft green glow as your RPG party head into the mystic swamps, the lights have a multitude of options to get that perfect feel.

Quality Neoprene Mat

We currently use mats printed and supplied by Patriot Games in the UK. The mats are included with the table by default and you can choose from a range of colours. The mats are high quality and machine washable, offering a long life span for gaming.

Finished with a rubber lining, they provide a great grip to the table, and underneath the mat is the hardwood ply, also coated with the same oil finish as the rest of the table for protection.

Attachments System

Another thing carried over from the EVENT series tables is the attachments rail. We've implemented the same railing throughout all of our tables so the attachments are uniform and available to all styles.

Cellar & Sizings

The tables come in 4 size options - 6x4, 5x3, 3x3 and 4x2 feet (internally). The leaf shelf and arm rest add an additional 210mm approx each way.

The tables are approx 30 inch in height total, have 27 inch legs, and the internal cellar is 70mm from the game floor to top of arm rest, leaving a 50mm cellar depth with the lid on.

Lid & Cover

While the GAMER series tables are primarily built for gaming, we do offer a lid system so that it can still be used as a diner. The lid is made up of tulip wood slats, fixed together creating a 3 or 2-piece lid. Tulipwood is fairly lightweight so lifting these pieces shouldn't be too much trouble, and 1 lid will include a tilt function for lifting out the first leaf.