Event Series Gaming Table

Build Your EVENT Series Table

The EVENT Series is our flagship table. Offering a fully bespoke specification, sized to suit your requirements, premium wood choices, and more upgrade options. Using 30mm wood throughout, this is a table built to last, easy to maintain and always guaranteed to wow.

The calculator below will offer a price based on standard sizes, but for a more refined spec please contact us at contact@naturaltwentytables.co.uk and we'll be happy to talk.

Size Guides

While the EVENT Series is a bespoke build, we do have a 'default' build unless asked to change.

The arm rests are a comfortable 110mm deep. Inside of the arm rest is the top of the internal walls which also act as a shelf for the tabletop leaves to rest on when in dining table mode. Altogether the depth is roughly 5 inches deep on each side.

The internal cellar depth is 90mm when the leaves are on the table, plus 30mm for the arm rest depth when the leaves are off the table.

The legs are 26 inch tall and 90mm wide.

The tabletop leaves length equals the cellar width plus 30mm to fit between the arm rest. The width of the leaves varies depending on the length of the table, but are normally made around the 200-230mm range.


Choice of wood

Using solid hardwoods we're able to create high quality heirloom tables, that look as good as they are durable, creating something that will see many game night sessions for years to come. With a selection of woods to choose from, there's lots of room to create a look that suit your own tastes. All finished (unless painted) with a hardwax finishing oil that gives that "wet look" and a beautiful sheen.


A budget friendlier hardwood and a great option for the base and legs to paint if creating a 2-tone build.


Solid wood and a beautiful grain and natural colour. Finishes beautifully with several coats of Danish Oil.

Oak - Butchers Block

Solid, chunky and gorgeous. Tough & hard wearing, plus it looks amazing on a table top.

Sapele (dark hardwood)

A darker colour and a finer grain than the other hardwoods. Great if looking for a vintage style finish.

Flooring Options

For the flooring of our tables we offer the option to include a removable neoprene gaming mat from Patriot Games, or a fitted faux-leatherette.

The neoprene gaming mats are a high quality material, soft to the touch and when pressed will pop cards up off of the surface, making it easer to pick up those tricky cards and tokens. The mats are lined underneath with a grippy rubber lining so when inside the table they won't go anywhere. And in case of any unfortunate spills, the mats can be removed and run through a cool wash in a washing machine to bring them back to life.

The faux leatherette is a PVC material, so if waterproof and easy to clean, so these are fitted in place and no removable.

Both options are available in a range of colour options, or with the neoprene mats we can also have these custom printer (logo's, etc).

Body & Legs Stain Finishing (Tulipwood Only)

The tulipwood is a great looking wood, and can have some great variation in grain and colour. The basic colour of the wood is very bright though which makes it perfect for staining.

Using water based stain products by Little Fairs, we're able to offer a wide range of finishing colours to help you create the perfect look for your home.

Once applied, we finish this with OSMO Oil the same as on the oak wood, and this creates a protective cover over the stain that is great for hooking and moving around attachments and the lid system.


Top Coat Finishing

Unless painted, we always finish our tables with OSMO Hardwax Oil, or more specifically the Polyx-Oil in a Matt finish. This gives a - in our opinion - nicer sheen to the finish than satin or gloss would offer, and is a super durabile top coat to the hardwoods.

As well as the smooth to the touch finish we're left with, other benefits are:

+ Highly resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine.
+ Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s toys (EN71.3).
+ Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister.

Choice of Attachments

One of the great things about gaming tables are the use of 'attachments'. These offer useful aids for things such as cup or token holders, card stands, phone and tablet trays and many more to come.