About Natural Twenty

About Natural Twenty...

Natural Twenty was formed by Daniel & Ben, 2 brothers with completely different working backgrounds. Daniel went into the comforts of an office, working in web, graphic and video design, whereas Ben committed to woodwork, both on site and workshop based.

In 2017 Daniel and his wife Angela opened up a video gaming cafe. Over the next year it seemed to attract more board gamers, and in turn this completely took over the theme of the cafe. Daniel and Angela both indulged in the community of board gamers, DND/RPG sessions, X-wing miniature and more.

As things continued to progress, Daniel asked Ben if he could build a gaming table to introduce to the cafe and spoil the gaming community they had there. The first table was a great success, but thanks to the feedback we were getting we decided we could make an improved version 2. Once again, gaming commenced and more feedback received, and we landed on what was essential the Event Series Gaming Table.

As is sometimes the case, some things just aren't meant to be, and the gaming cafe closed it's doors. This made way for the birth of Natural Twenty Gaming Tables, and since 2019 Daniel and Ben have been partnered in creating these amazing gaming tables. Both gamers we are fully committed to making each and every table our best yet!