Hybrid Series Gaming Table

Build Your HYBRID Series Table

The Hybrid was born for the need of a more durable surface than what was offered by the Gamer Series, for use by families and players of heavier games. Blending the form factors and materials of the Gamer and Event Series we have created a Hybrid that can be configured to suit any home and style.

Size Guides

The HYBRID Series is our mid range offering. It's a beefier version of the GAMER Series, still using a tulipwood construction on the body but upgrading the top surface to solid oak.

The arm rests are approx 100mm deep. Inside of the arm rest is the top of the internal walls which also acts as a shelf for the tabletop lids to rest on when in dining table mode. Altogether the depth is around 4.5 inches deep on each side.

The internal cellar depth can be ordered to be either 50mm, 70mm or 90mm when the lids are on the table, plus 20mm for the arm rest depth when the leaves are off the table.

The legs are 27 inch tall and 80mm wide.

The tabletop lids length equals the cellar width plus 30mm to fit between the arm rest. The width of the lid depends on the size of the table. Hybrid tables use 2 piece lids to keep it manageable use to the extra weight of the oak.


A blend of woods

Using solid hardwoods we're able to create high quality tables that look as good as they are durable, and are a table that will see many game night sessions for years to come. With a solid oak top surface and a tulipwood body construction this is a perfect blend of high end gaming table vs cost.

The oak on top means that upkeep is a breeze. Any marks or scratches can be eventually sanded out and the piece re-oiled to bring it back to new.

The tulipwood may not be as hard as the oak, but will see less heavy use. Tulipwood brings with it a density that is great for accepting stains, so makes this the perfect choice for creating a stylish 2-toned finish.

Flooring Options

Our Hybrid Series tables come with a removable neoprene play mat in the flooring. At approx 2-3mm thick overall, including a thick rubber lining to hold it steady when in place, it provides a comfortable play surface with enough bounce to aid you with picking up cards and tokens, yet firm enough to be a great play surface for game boards, dice and all!

Our mats are provided by Patriot Games (Sheffield) and come in a range of colours (subject to availability). You can also order other play mats directly from PG, including custom prints.

Body & Legs Stain Finishing

The tulipwood is a great looking wood, and can have some great variation in grain and colour. The basic colour of the wood is very bright though which makes it perfect for staining.

Using water based stain products by Little Fairs. we're able to offer a wide range of finishing colours to help you create the perfect look for your home.

Once applied, we finish this with OSMO Oil the same as on the oak wood, and this creates a protective cover over the stain that is great for hooking and moving around attachments and the lid system.


Top Coat Finishing

We always finish our tables with OSMO Hardwax Oil, or more specifically the Polyx-Oil in a matt finish. This gives - in our opinion - a nicer sheen to the finish than satin or gloss would offer, and is a super durable top coat for the hardwoods.

As well as the smooth to the touch finish we're left with, other benefits are:

+ High resistance to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine.
+ Saliva-resistant and sweat proof, suitable for children’s toys (EN71.3).
+ Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister.

LED Lighting

One of our favourite upgrades in our tables is the LED Lighting. Often seen as a gimmick, the LEDs also provide a huge boost of lighting in dimly lit rooms. So if your dining room/games room isn't the best when lit, these can be a life safer when it comes to reading cards, especially of the small variety! Everything beyond that comes down to how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go with playing around with the settings and creating your own effects and animations for your dungeon crawling party!

For the LEDs we have 2 options - Standard and Premium. Both sets are high quality, silicone covered (great for water resistance), and from known brands - TP-Link and Govee.

The Standard LEDs only go up to 5 meters in length, which is pretty much what a 5x3 cellar runs to, so anything over that sizing will need to upgrade to the Premium LEDs which can expand beyond this.

The key differences are that the Standard LEDs have dedicated white bulbs (which are great for the eye), and have 30 bulbs per meter typically as per many consumer LED light strips whereas the Premium LEDs have 60 bulbs per meter. This means there's a boost in brightness and the settings can be a little more refined.

Both options offer section selection so you can paint colours around the table, team colours etc, along with use with Alexa/Google etc. They're also enclosed behind a frosted diffuser (yey, more spill resistance!) so are easier on the eye than most expect - although the brightness can always be turned down if needed!

Choice of Attachments

One of the great things about gaming tables are the use of 'attachments'. These offer useful aids for things such as cup or token holders, card stands, phone and tablet trays and many more to come.