Build Your Table

Build Your EVENT Series Table

One of the great things about theĀ NaturalTwenty gaming tables EVENT SERIES is that they're completely custom built from the ground up. This means we can make the perfect gaming table exactly to your specifications.

The calculator below is a great tool that will give you a good idea for sizing and pricing up your table. You can go with the bare essentials or all out with all of the bells and whistles!

The prices below are more will always be confirmed in follow up emails as the calculator is more for a guide.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss options for custom sizes and builds or just anything in general then please contact us at and we'll be happy to talk.

Size Guides

While the EVENT Series is a bespoke build, we do have a 'default' build unless asked to change.

The arm rests are a comfortable 110mm deep. Inside of the arm rest is the top of the internal walls which also act as a shelf for the tabletop leaves to rest on when in dining table mode. Altogether the depth is roughly 5 inches deep on each side.

The internal cellar depth is 90mm when the leaves are on the table, plus 30mm for the arm rest depth when the leaves are off the table.

The legs are 26 inch tall and 90mm wide.

The tabletop leaves length equals the cellar width plus 30mm to fit between the arm rest. The width of the leaves varies depending on the length of the table, but are normally made around the 200-230mm range.


Choice of wood

By using solid woods we're able to create a tough, long life gaming table suitable to meet all gaming needs! With a mix of soft and hard wood we're certain we can hit that sweet spot your budget requires.


A budget friendly hardwood and a great option for the base and legs to paint if creating a 2-tone build.


Solid wood and a beautiful grain and natural colour. Finishes beautifully with several coats of Danish Oil.


Bright with a pleasant grain, a great choice of hardwood for matching up with other pine furniture.

Oak - Butchers Block

Solid, chunky and gorgeous. Tough & hard wearing, plus it looks amazing on a table top.

Sapele (dark hardwood)

A darker colour and a finer grain than the other hardwoods. Great if looking for a vintage style finish.

Faux Leatherette / PVC colours

The leatherette and PVC options all offer a surface soft enough to pick up cards and tokens, yet keep a firm enough surface to roll your dice on. They're durable, waterproof and easy to clean, a great choice for those with members more likely to spill a drop or 3!

Printed Neoprene





Off-White / Cream


Black - Diamond

Printed Neoprene

We've now teamed up with Patriot Games to offer colour and printed design neoprene gaming mats, cut to size for our tables. The mats are super high quality of which we expect a long life of gaming on them!

Choice of Attachments

One of the great things about gaming tables are the use of 'attachments'. These offer useful aids for things such as cup or token holders, card stands, phone and tablet trays and many more to come.

Cup/Glass/Can Tray

Mug Holder (10oz)

Card & Token Tray


Cup/Token Tray

Mug Holder (15oz)

Tablet Tray

Tabletop Leaves

Wine Glass Holder

Card & Cup Tray

Desk Extender